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American Dime Museum: Eerie PA Podcast #1

One of the greatest places in the eerie world sadly closed its doors in 2006.  The American Dime Museum in Baltimore was home to sideshow items, oddities and culture of yesteryear.  The cast of EerieCast (including Brian and Matt) took one last trip to pay respects.  Take the plunge and experience mummified creatures, the gumwoman, and autographing the bathroom ceiling.

In memory of Joel Rickenbach, the American Dime Museum, and Eerie PA

666: Searching for Satan

This British television documentary, which debuted on June 6, 2006 (6/6/6) travels around the world to shed new light on some of the most heinous crimes ever committed in which the perpetrators claim to have been guided or ‘inspired’ by the devil to carry out their grisly acts. The sightings and interpretations of Satan will then be amalgamated to create a final image of the “Devil” through CGI imaging technology.  Brian and Matt make appearances to discuss the Maryland Goatman.

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