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Episode 1 - Hex Valley:  Brian and Mark travel through the Oley Valley in Pennsylvania German country to find hex signs, barn stars, devil's doors, soul holes, and other superstitious relics.

Episode 2 - The Ball:  When the opportunity to own a former Guinness World Record-holding, 3,500-pound, 5-foot tall rubber band ball drops into your lap, what do you do? You call up your friends, rent a truck, and go get it! Brian, Regina, Nathan, Matt, and Jason spent a day moving this bouncing boulder across state lines with only minor physical and structural injuries.

Episode 3 - Gravity Hill:  Brian and Mark test out one of Pennsylvania's gravity hills - a spot where cars seemingly roll up hill, perhaps pushed by the power of ghostly children looking to spare motorists from sharing their cursed fate!

Episode 4 - Chesapeake Cemeteries:  Nathan and Regina go on an excursion visiting some of the most historic cemeteries of the Chesapeake, including a cemetery being reclaimed by the Chesapeake Bay, and a family plot containing a unique bat wing headstone!

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