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Paranormal Pennsylvania Magazine

Printed from 2002 through 2005, Paranormal Pennsylvania Magazine brought stories of the unusual, unexpected, and unexplainable to readers from the Keystone State and beyond. The periodical was published by Rick Fisher, founder of the Paranormal Society of Pennsylvania, curator of the National Museum of Mysteries and Research Center, and esteemed investigator of hundreds of mysteries. The contributing authors of the magazine read like a who's-who from the haunted hall of fame - with writers offering stories of cryptozoological creatures, ghostly encounters, extraterrestrial events, and beyond. Rick has granted permission for these magazines to be republished here to live on and reach a new audience.

Paranormal Pennsylvania - Issue No. 1 July 2002

Paranormal Pennsylvania - Issue No. 2 October 2002

Paranormal Pennsylvania - Issue No. 3 January 2003

Paranormal Pennsylvania - Issue No. 4 April 2003

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