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The Witches' Keyhole


The legend goes: George Powell had built a cabin in the 1800's on the current site of Trinity United, his cabin one day was burned to the ground, a total loss. The fire was attributed to a Witch being trapped inside his home, with no way to escape she burnt the cabin down around her and went on with her business. Being a resilient man Mr. Powell rebuilt on the same property a much larger brick home, this time he added a brick keyhole in the eve of his new home just to the left of the chimney, left historically being the sinister side. The keyhole would provide an easy exit for any Witch or Spirit that made it's way into the house they simply could fly out the keyhole. The keyhole worked and Mr. Powell's home stood unscathed by witchcraft or hex until the 1970's when the house was removed to make way for another spiritual abode. Call it fate, superstition, or historic preservation the Keyhole was removed and preserved in a well cared for planter box out front of the church with the churches name on the sides.

I was in Lenoir NC visiting my good friend Charlie Frye an American Folk artist and he gladly gave me directions up to the sleepy street with the preserved keyhole, he was surprised that I knew of the local folk lore of his once bustling now quiet former furniture making town. If you visit Lenoir the Keyhole is right in front of Trinity United Methodist Church, 901 Seehorn St. NE, Lenoir NC, I parked in the churches lot and respectfully took a few pictures during my visit. I also suggest stoping in downtown at Charlie's gallery Folk Keeper, be sure to tell Charlie and Susan that I sent you!


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