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Horsing Around at Massachusetts' Ponyhenge

While out taking a leisurely drive through Lincoln, MA, it's not unusual to see cows, horses, or ponies amid the large areas of conservation land, historical places and farms that dot the landscape. There is one site, however, that will likely cause you to look twice: Ponyhenge.

Since around 2010, this unusual roadside attraction has provided a pleasant surprise to both those who stumble upon it unknowingly and those who are headed to see it. Rocking horses (and some that are not horses) in all shapes, colors, and sizes gather on the side of quiet road.

No one is quite sure as to how this rocking horse graveyard started but there are two theories according to Some believe the gathering started with horses that were left over from a lemonade stand. Others believe they are from a Christmas display. There is another story that it began with a rocking horse left over from a Headless Horseman set up for a Halloween prop. Either way its quite a sight to see.

Some days the horses are arranged in circles, sometimes they are lined up as if waiting for the starting gun of a race, and other days they are randomly spread across this grassy patch. During the holidays you might see garland or lights on some of the horses, other times flowers or hats. You never know what you’ll find.

While the lineup does seem to change periodically, it never goes away. Perhaps it’s the reminiscence of childhood, of a beloved toy, or just the love of an unexpected surprise in the middle of nowhere that makes this so unique.


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