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Funeral Potatoes

If your family is anything like mine, mourning is synonymous with eating. At post-funeral receptions, my family flocks together and shares stories and memories of the dearly departed. We are usually gathered around the dining room table, with extra chairs squeezed in, eating, laughing, crying, hugging, and eating some more.

The staple casserole dish at every funeral luncheon is the creamy, cheesy potatoes with a crunchy topping: Funeral Potatoes. It hits all the marks of classic comfort food, including lots of butter. It’s like the edible version of a big hug, representing a nice way to show sympathy to those who are grieving.

Last year, Facebook users started reporting seeing disturbing ads from Walmart featuring a product called “funeral potatoes” by Augason Farms. Outraged users found the easy-to-prepare pouch macabre, some hadn’t even heard of the dish before, and some were courageous enough to buy them and give them a try.

Augason Farms claims their “delightful dish is anything but good they’re to die for!” But a very important question remains unanswered on Walmart’s website...

“Do you have to be going to a funeral to cook these?”

I say, No! Make them with love for every holiday or work potluck or any meal you’re craving comfort food. You sure as heck can’t enjoy them post-your-own-funeral-luncheon.

Here’s my favorite adapted recipe if you’re so inclined!


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